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Tooth Fairy, Dummy Fairy, Elf on the Shelf....a special fairy or elf that comes out only when your child's room is clean or their bed is made!  

Ignite your child’s imagination with their own unique, handmade elf door.

Any door colour can be placed in an Elf Door Package.  If you have a special request, please contact us. 


  • Doors open inwards, designed especially so only the fairies can open it once attached
  • Handmade: 29 panels of maple wood and non-toxic paint. 
  • Door knob, door knocker and mailbox on the door. 
  • 20cm high
  • Instructions: How to assemble your door and welcome the Fairies & Elves
  • Secret Elf Business package for the adult 
  • Tiny Elf Boots for your own Elf to use when he visits

Elf door boy fairy door

Secret Elf Business:

Our Elf doors are the doorway to magic.  The sky is the limit with adventures you can create. 

Once you have ordered, we send you specific details on how to get started and Elf or Fairy Protocol.  The parcel contains instructions on how to assemble the door and prepare your child to welcome the fairies. 

Hang your Door using 3M strips or double-sided sticky tape or blu tack.

There is also a separate envelope in your parcel, a secret Elf or Fairy business letter for the grownups containing letters from your child’s future Elf and their very own pair of shoes for your Elf.  But shhhhh! This is for your eyes only!

The magical letters and elf shoes that lie inside are designed to be gifted to your child when the time is right. Once your elf door is installed and you can gift the Elf shoes to your child, for the child then to send the message out to the fairies & elves to let them know they are welcome to discover the magical land that awaits! 

Then sit back and watch the magic happen…

Our Fairy & Elf doors are designed to open inward, so once you have installed your door, only your Elf can open it!

Bring some magic into your home... install an Elf door today!

Specs: 20cm high and 13cm wide. 

Safety Note: These products are for display purposes and are not recommended for children under 5.