The Tooth Fairy

The first wiggle of a wobbly tooth is not only a huge milestone for your child, it is a big moment for you as a parent.  

The Tooth Fairy is coming

Hi, I'm Michelle. My goal is to help you through losing the first tooth with ease and give you some tools to help you create the magical, memorable experience of the Tooth Fairy’s first visit.

The Tooth Fairy in Australia delights in receiving a letter from your child, along with their tooth left in a special place.  Generally, in a glass of water or one of our gorgeous pails.  

The Tooth Fairy will leave a special note to your child along with a gold coin or be inspired by traditions from around the world! You can read more about them here.

Here you will get some great tools for along with some great DIY tools and lots of ideas to make this milestone magical and memorable for you and your child. And check out our full range of fairy accessories to bring the magic alive, from our fairy doors and mailboxes, froggy gumboots and fairy boots, the cutest little bunnies and rainbow unicorn poop.  And so, so much more.

Here we include some great tools free you FREE and lots of ideas for you to DIY and make this milestone magical. We also have the full range of products to enhance the Tooth Fairy experience.

  • Letter to the Tooth Fairy
  • Tooth Fairy Certificate - the letter from the Tooth Fairy
  • Lost Tooth Receipt


Tooth Fairy Letter: 

Click here to download & print the Tooth Fairy Letter. 

Ask your child to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy.  Prompt your child to write as little or as much as they like to the Tooth Fairy.  They may want to promise the Tooth Fairy to brush their teeth morning and night.  This letter becomes a beautiful keepsake to put in the scrapbook.  Each year you get to see your child's writing evolve, their reality, their excitement. 

Make sure you save it to reprint it for each new wobbly tooth.  

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Tooth Fairy Letter



Tooth Fairy Certificate:

Click here to download & print the Tooth Fairy Letter  

Trying to pass your handwriting off as the Tooth fairy can be a little hard, do you use your left hand?  Do you have a mind block and wonder what to write and how to make it magical? ...We have made in easy. 

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The Tooth Fairy



Tooth Fairy Lost Tooth Receipt:

Keeping track of every lost tooth is fun and an exciting milestone to be captured forever.  We generally are pretty good at the first 2 or 3 teeth but we generally lose track of the rest. 

Leave a Tooth Fairy Receipt with the lucky gold coin for your child then keep it to as a record in a scrapbook or 'special place' as a keepsake.

Click here to download & print the Tooth Fairy Lost Tooth Receipt

Hoping the Tooth Fairy experience is a wonderful experience for your child.  Let's make The Tooth Fairy's visit a wonderful experience for you and your child.

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Tooth Fairy Kit Products