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February 26, 2018

Did you know that Fairies and Elves get very busy as night falls?

As the sunlight fades there are flowers to put to sleep in the garden, puppy tummies to rub after dinner and a dozen other things that keep Fairies and Elves busy at dusk. But the busiest of them all are the Sleep Fairies and Elves. 

Sleep Fairies love visiting the rooms of children once they are asleep. As soon as the light goes out in a child's bedroom they wait for the soft hum of sleep coming from their bed. Only then they will sneak into the bedroom using their tiny Fairy Door. They close the door behind them, make sure the little girl or boy is in their bed with their eyes closed, before flying around the room, happily watching over the children.  

It’s also a well known fact that Sleep Fairies have a soft spot for little girls and boys who have difficulty sleeping and will offer their helping hand (and wing) to make sure they sleep safe and sound the whole night. The Fairies work hard to bring the most wonderful and happy dreams about magic lands, candy-coloured mountains, majestic unicorns and friendly dragons.

They pick your favourite things and make them dance and play in your dreams. That’s the magic of the Sleep Fairies! It’s easy to tell if a Sleep Fairy or Elf has visited.

Sometimes Fairies leave sprinkles of fairy dust around the room, while Sleep Elves leave a trail of tiny lovehearts. Other times they may leave a letter or even a small present. Most nights they leave quietly, gliding back through the Fairy Doors and closing it behind them before flying off to their Magical Kingdom, glad to have helped another child sleep safely and happily. Pay attention as you wake up, you might hear the Fairy Door close!  

So to invite some magic into your bedroom, make sure you go to sleep in your own bed... and soon the Sleep Fairies and Elves will appear through the Fairy and Elf doors and help you have the sweetest of dreams. Sleep tight, don’t let little fluffy dragons bite!