February 26, 2018

Good news everyone!

This year the Easter Bunny has called in the help of the Helping Fairies and Eager Elves to spread the Easter magic! These nice Fairies have gladly offered to help the Easter Bunny with visiting houses of the good little boys and girls to make sure kids get a great Easter experience. The Magic Kingdom is buzzing with excitement!

The Fairies and Elves will be coming to your homes through the Fairy Doors and leaving little treats. In some cases, they might even help the Easter Bunny hide Easter eggs in the houses for a very special Magic Easter Egg Hunt.

Which kids will be able to find them all? We sure are curious to find out (share your Fairy Egg Hunt experience with us through Facebook!!)  

All you need to let the Helping Fairies and Elves know they are welcome is to place the Fairy Door for them to enter. But they love for the little kids to get involved, and they are always listening out on the other side of the door for some cheerful songs or little whispers.

Boys and girls who have any special Easter wishes are encouraged to write letters to the Easter Fairies, and who knows, they might surprise you!  

Once Easter is over these Helpful Fairies and Elves will go back to their regular helping duties and stay in contact through the doors to help with anything else your little ones might need - help with night-time fears, motivation to keep bedrooms tidy or whatever you can think of, these clever Fairies and Elves will be sure to put in their two magic cents.  

So welcome the Helping Fairies and Elves into your bedroom for a Happy Easter!