February 26, 2018

Have you ever wondered about the world that lies behind a fairy door?  

It is a magic place protected by a spell that keeps it hidden from almost everyone. Though Fairies and Elves regularly wander into our homes, only a few children have ever been able to have a peek into their world. Those who did have shared some amazing stories...  

The world of the Fairies is called 'The Magic Kingdom', a land where all magical creatures live together, where Fairies are free to flutter and fly around and elves spend their days running around the forest.

The landscape is varied and colourful, with big leafy trees and rolling hills as far as the eye can see.  And it's not just Fairies and Elves that live there. They share their world with Dragons and Unicorns, Pixies and Leprechauns. Wherever you look there are hundreds of beautiful butterflies fluttering from tree to tree across the colourful flowery plains, and in the sea, there are mermaids splashing in and out of the water.  

We know because some kids have seen it... and you can catch a glimpse too!  All you have to do is to get very close to your Fairy Door, put your left hand on your hip and touch your nose with your right hand. Now close your eyes real tight, and keep them closed... that’s the only way to see through the door!  

Wait for a few seconds, and you might start seeing some colour sparkles.

After a while you might start seeing see the Fairies flying around. Which one will come through your door?

The more you practice, the more you will see. Write down or draw them, and try again another night…  with a little practice, you can get to see some amazing things and it'll be like you've stepped right through the fairy door and into their magical wonderland.  

What kind of magic can you see when you close your eyes?