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May 17, 2019

If we could have a dollar for every time we’ve heard ‘my boy doesn’t play with fairies!’ we’d be millionaires.

Do we expect our children to play with gender neutral toys.  Do we buy non gender specific toys, the unisex gifts? 

Wiggles Instagram explosion:

Boys dress up as yellow wiggle Emma.

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The Fairy Door Store:

There is a recurring theme of parents who tell us their boys don’t play with fairies.

Let’s talk gender-specific toys. Dolls for girls and trucks for boys. Right? Wrong.

Gone are the days where boys cannot play with dolls. Gone are the days where girls skip past the Deere tractor aisle in the toy section. It is time to embrace the concept of gender-neutral toys once and for all.

Oh, if we could have a dollar for every time we’ve heard ‘Oh, my boy doesn’t play with fairies!’ we would be fairy multi-millionaires. We are living in a generation where gender-fluidity is real. Where is it completely acceptable and becoming more prevalent to feel a mix of both female and male. So, in a world of gender-fluidity and gender-neutrality, why do we continue to place restrictions and opinions on the toys our children play with?

Why are we so stalwart on abiding to gender-specific toys?

The truth about gender specific toys

When we dictate the toys our child play with, who are we considering? Do we take into consideration our children’s needs, or is it our own stereotypes and fear of retribution? Are we afraid that if our sons want a fairy garden set up in their room that they’ll be teased by their peers? Will the little girls at playgroup not want to leave their dolls and join in on a game of construction and demolition? What if our daughters want to dress up as a superhero and not a princess? What if at dress-up day, our boys choose the fairy over the pirate?

A US study that examined data over 36 years with 1, 600 children, into children’s preferences for specific toys found that it is indeed innate and influenced by social forces. Results showed that "boys played with male-typed toys more than girls did, and girls played with female-typed toys more than boys did." As children aged, social influence does indeed play a larger role in their toy selection.

So, what does this mean?

When kids are young, they play with what speaks to them. As they age, what is expected of them in a social setting takes a greater influencing role.  So, when they are young, let their own choices and preferences take flight! Let them choose the toys and imaginative settings they wish to create. Take away any preconceived notions you may have of what is and isn’t acceptable. Because before you know it, that creative, free spirit will be exposed to a whole host of environmental and social factors.

Fairy Doors for all Occasions  

Our fairy doors are not just limited to those wanting to bring fairies into their world. There is no limit to the imaginative scenes you can create with your child and our magical doors. They could be a dinosaur door, opening up into your child’s very own Jurassic Park. It could be a Monster Door, where all the friendly monsters come out to play at night to keep the evil monsters in the closest at bay. It could be a pirate door, opening up to the world of Peter Pan. There is no limit!

So if you have a boy, or even a girl who just isn’t into fairies, think again of the magical worlds you can create – it is just an opening of a door away….