February 26, 2018

Greetings from behind the doors of Fairy Land!

The Inspiration Fairies have a few words of wisdom and tips about inspiring your child's imagination.  

Encouraging imagination in children has many benefits: it helps them develop language skills, creativity and social skills that will benefit them later in life. Yet we know it can be hard to find the time, so the Inspiration Fairies have given us a few tips: 

Turn off the TV: It's so easy to just let your child watch some TV. Although there are some great children's shows and movies out there, watching TV is a passive activity that won't stimulate or develop your child's imagination. Try to get them involved in activities that will actively get them thinking. (If you really MUST leave the TV on, try turning the sound off – and let them make up their own voices… the results can be hilarious!) 

Make up stories: Making time for storytelling is a great way to get imagination flowing! Let them choose a topic or a character (for example, any character from Fairy Land) and ask them 'what do you think happened next?' You don't need to be a master at storytelling and chances are your little one is eager to jump in and tell stories, and that's exactly the point. (Extra tip: include someone’s butt in the story, it’s bound to get some giggles!)               

Create art with unusual objects: Give your kids a cardboard box, toilet roll tubes or art supplies and help them create something out of it. A box with a hole becomes a fairy-car, a toilet roll becomes a magic telescope... Using limited supplies will force them to extend their imagination and creativity. Extra tip? Play charades using a toilet roll as a prop!

Make a picture book to combine the benefits of arts and crafts and storytelling: Make a picture book together! Start with a character (for example a friendly dragon), and let them draw the different adventures the dragon gets into. This could be a great repeat activity to do with your kid by adding a new page every day or week. Extra tip: If you are keen and your child is old enough, you could show your child how to make new slides on Powerpoint … and let them use it to create stories using clip-art! 

Ask thought provoking questions: Simply ask open questions that will challenge your child's imagination like 'What do you think elves eat for breakfast?' or 'What would you do if you were the king?' This exercise will directly get them thinking and it will also be fun way to learn what goes on in their little heads.  

We hope you are inspired to get your kids imagination flowing with these tips!

The Inspiration Fairies will be back soon with more tips for you and your little ones!!