soooooo adorable

March 04, 2018

I just received my 2 parcels from The Fairy Door Store (all the way in Canada)! I am so happy with the service and product! Shipping was quick too! All the accessories I ordered are soooooo adorable and will be the perfect additions for our fairy door!
Thanks again for everything! 


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so happy and thrilled

March 05, 2018

Just wanted to say thank you for having such a wonderful dreamy product- we have been trying to get our almost 4 year old daughter out of our bed at night and to sleep in her own room, with no success until I came across your little Fairy Doors. 

I purchased your Fairy door two weeks ago and set it up over the weekend in our little ones room- told her all about the door and how the fairies will fly through it once she's asleep and watch over her at night- well success our little girl slept in her own bed in her own room all night, well till 5:17am but that was success to us.  

I was so happy and thrilled at how smoothly everything has gone thus far with the aid of your Fairy Door I have just purchased a few more items to keep the positivity around sleeping in her own room.  So thank you for having such a wonderfully creative mind and sharing it with us. 


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Such an amazing feeling

March 05, 2018

"Hello, Thank You so very much for the beautiful Fairy Door; my best friends daughter was absolutely besotted by it and has promptly placed it beside her bed to make sure the fairies know they can come and visit her. :-). Such an amazing feeling seeing her innocent face with that great big smile.. You are re creating a world almost forgotten - Thank You, We Still Believe x"

Anna Schollum

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miniature cake & flowers

March 05, 2018

"Thanks a million, Yve is amazed by her door, the fairies have left notes, pictures for her to colour, little trinket boxes, a unicorn & today tickets to the Mickey live show for being so good. Through the door we have battled through her fears resulting from my breast cancer from nightmares to writing her fears and the fairies take them away to fairy land, her tickets were for being brave with her immunization. She's 4 next month so the fairies will leave her a miniature cake & flowers. Thanks fairy door for making such a difficult time for a little girl precious"

Nikki Koutspis

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