so happy and thrilled

March 05, 2018

Just wanted to say thank you for having such a wonderful dreamy product- we have been trying to get our almost 4 year old daughter out of our bed at night and to sleep in her own room, with no success until I came across your little Fairy Doors. 

I purchased your Fairy door two weeks ago and set it up over the weekend in our little ones room- told her all about the door and how the fairies will fly through it once she's asleep and watch over her at night- well success our little girl slept in her own bed in her own room all night, well till 5:17am but that was success to us.  

I was so happy and thrilled at how smoothly everything has gone thus far with the aid of your Fairy Door I have just purchased a few more items to keep the positivity around sleeping in her own room.  So thank you for having such a wonderfully creative mind and sharing it with us.